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Type S: Power With Purpose

Inspired by the legendary CL, TL and RSX Type S models, the newest generation of Type S propels us toward the pinnacle of Precision Crafted Performance with enhanced power, effortless maneuverability and elevated style.

Acura Type S badge in Platinum White Pearl

The Definition Of Performance-Driven Design

What does the Type S badge symbolize? All Type S models must follow rigorous requirements that result in a drive that goes faster, stops quicker, and turns harder. This performance-focused combination enhances the visceral driving experience without compromising on high-caliber details and style.

Raising The Bar For Performance

Developed by the same engineers that designed our championship motorsports lineage, the Type S embodies power and capability. Every model is infused with inspiration from the track, from the NSX-derived Turbo V-6 engine in the TLX and MDX Type S to the motorsport-engineered 2.0L VTEC® Turbo engine in the Integra Type S. Drawing from a legacy of innovation, the all-electric ZDX Type S introduces cutting-edge technology and next-level power for an electrified future.

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