GIF of various displays of NSX design.

We worship the details. When you look at our cars, you see it. When you get behind the wheel, you feel it.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. From crossover to supercar – the precise lines, muscular appearance, wide stance – every contour enhances efficiency, increases downforce or aids cooling. It’s what defines Precision Crafted Performance.

New Sports Experience
NSX is extraordinary by design. A singular striking shape reveals purposeful detail within.
Driver’s door POV of NSX with red interior.
Ultra-Thin A-Pillars

Ultra-thin, yet super strong A-pillar design and a low-mounted instrument panel minimize obstructions to the driver's view, helping to create a panoramic view from the cockpit. In the moment, the car almost disappears – giving you the closest possible connection to the road.

Front and profile views of NSX Orchid & Black Alcantara seats.
Ergonomic Seat Design

The NSX seats use leading-class materials selected for gripping performance and outstanding comfort. The aggressively-shaped bolsters are smooth leather for in-and-out ease while the seat centers use Alcantara® for better-than-suede grip and durability.

Passenger POV black monochrome image of NSX steering wheel.
Comfortable Steering Wheel

The meticulously engineered steering wheel is designed to help the driver carve precise turns at any speed. The oblong shape allows an unobstructed view over the top and greater leg clearance at the bottom. Strategic stitching is placed for comfort and control.

Spacious Interior

The NSX was designed from the inside out with an uncompromising focus on the driver. Building from the original, we created a Human Support Cockpit that provides exceptional control, visibility and packaging – and true to our racing heritage, leaves headroom for a helmet.

Alluring All Around
From pencil sketches of beauty and precision, to cars built by masters of their craft, elegant design language is refined to support dynamic performance.
Silver MDX with Advance Package by lake home.

Sculptured Design

Graceful lines and bold, sculpted planes adorn every vehicle worthy of the Acura badge from the extraordinary NSX supercar to the luxury three-row MDX, to the A-Spec® styling of the compact sport performance ILX.

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A-Spec Styling

Exhilaration begins at a glance. With race-inspired details of the A-Spec Package, distinctive exterior and interior details create an aggressive, sporty appearance that expresses the rush of Precision Crafted Performance. You’ll want to get used to the second looks.

2019 Acura ILX Our Story
GIF showing various Acura speaker housings.

Sound Design

Our audio experience is impeccably crafted. Available surround sound speakers on the exclusive ELS Studio®32 Premium Audio System amp your ride with studio-quality sound. Active noise cancelation generates reverse sounds to cancel out ambient wind and engine noise – all fine-tuned to reflect performance.

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Jewel Eye Illumination
Acura’s low, wide Jewel Eye® headlight styling is striking with six-beam LED bulbs. It’s also purposeful, channeling LED technology to mimic natural sunlight to help view colors more vividly and reduce fatigue at night.
MDX Jewel Eye Headlights with graphic indicating aim of lenses.
Precise Aim
Luxe Craftsmanship
Premium materials capture the intricacies of interior contrasts, proportions and surfaces. Highest-quality comforts provide refinement at every turn.
Close-up of MDX natural wood trim.
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Close-up of TLX Espresso Milano leather seatback.
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Red leather and black Alcantara NSX seatback.
Close-up of NSX Nouvelle Blue Pearl flying C-Pillar.