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How To Buy Your Acura Online

Discover how you can search, configure and complete as much of your Acura purchase online as you choose.

Acura 2024 ZDX

Find Your ZDX

The all-electric ZDX is now available for purchase or lease.

Your Guide To Buying Online

The Benefits Of Buying Online

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Fast & Flexible Ordering

Complete your order when you want, how you want, whether you’re at home, your office or the dealership.
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Transparent Pricing & Availability

Easily search for your vehicle and get a clear understanding of pricing.
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Concierge & Dealer Support

Get answers to questions through the online Concierge chat or connecting with a dealer.
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Understand Your Payment Options

When it comes to financing your Acura, you have options. Find out whether leasing or financing fits your needs and learn about Acura special programs and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a ZDX?

The 2024 ZDX will be available for online purchase beginning in late February 2024. Beginning in February, an email will be sent to Acura customers who have already reserved a ZDX confirming their selections and offering the option to add available packages or accessories. Once their ZDX has been built and shipped to their dealer, these Acura customers will receive another email prompting them to sign their paperwork and prepare any additional documents needed to finalize their order.

Will I need an Acura account to order the ZDX?

Yes, you’ll need to create an Acura account in order to complete your ZDX order. If you already have an existing MyGarage, Honda Owners or Acura Owners account, you will be able to use your information to log into your new Acura account.

I already reserved a ZDX. What are next steps?

If you already reserved a 2024 ZDX, you will receive an email confirming your reservation and that your $1,000 deposit has been applied. You will also be asked in February to complete your custom order for your reserved ZDX in order to confirm your chosen configuration. This email will be sent to the address that was used when you submitted your reservation.

Check Your ZDX Reservation Status

What if I want to cancel my ZDX order or reservation?

You can modify or cancel your ZDX order until a VIN is assigned to your vehicle. If you would like to modify your vehicle after a VIN has been assigned, you will need to cancel your order with an Acura dealer and start a new order.

What is Concierge support?

Acura customers can live chat with Concierge support with their questions about reservations, orders, and more.

When should I contact a dealer instead of Concierge support?

A dealer can help you cancel your ZDX order and refund your deposit. Please reach out to Concierge support for other questions about the ZDX, including your ZDX order and charging packages.

Is there a support hotline that I can call?

Yes, you can call (800) 382-2238 toll free, Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 5:00 Pacific to speak with Acura Client Relations directly.

When will be my ZDX be delivered?

ZDX deliveries are estimated to begin in April 2024.

Can I choose where my ZDX will be delivered?

You can choose to have your ZDX delivered to your designated Acura dealer. In addition, a select group of participating dealers will offer home delivery as an option. Check with your Acura dealer to learn more.

Can I have my ZDX delivered to a dealership?

Yes, you can have your ZDX delivered to a dealership.

How do I change my address for my delivery?

Reach out to your Acura dealer to change the delivery address for your ZDX. Only an Acura dealership can change the details of your order.

Why do I need an Acura Account?

Your Acura account can help you track your ZDX order, manage your ZDX delivery, schedule an appointment, and more. This account also connects to your MyGarage account for access to the entire Honda family of brands.

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