Acura 2023 PCP 2.0 Reveal Precision EV Concept


Precision Crafted Performance

We’ve spent over 35 years of passion and devotion to it. Breaking rules and building what no one else dared, all while focusing on what truly matters: performance. The Precision EV Concept embodies our goal of putting the driver’s experience first in the next generation of electrified Acura vehicles.

Acura 2023 PCP 2.0 Reveal Precision Crafted Performance
History behind our logo

Chase Every Idea

When we have a problem that needs solving, everyone participates. We hold often-impromptu meetings called waigaya, where wild ideas are born and radical concepts come screaming to life.

2019 Acura Thermal Orange Pearl NSX
Hand drawing the NSX profile in basic lines.
Precision Concept Cockpit.
TLX body structure in impact test room.

35 Years in the Making

Sochiro Honda conferring with two other Honda workers.

1986 — Start-Up Culture

Acura was born from passion, hustle and a start-up mentality. Through secret night meetings, dedicated Honda engineers defined what Acura would become. In less than a year they set up dealerships and rocketed to the top with two luxury performance classics, the Integra and the Legend.

1990 yellow NSX under the words “Wild Things”.

1989 – An Icon is Born

In only our 3rd year, we upended the supercar industry with NSX. It could compete on the track, yet be driven every day. You could see out of it, put clubs in the trunk, and didn’t have to keep your mechanic on speed dial. Motor Trend® called it “the best sports car ever built.”

Driver’s side of  2001 Silver MDX on snow.

2000 – Family Room

We launched MDX, the first crossover SUV with standard three-row seating, essentially introducing the three-row crossover class to the auto industry. To this day, MDX maintains a legacy as the best-selling three-row luxury SUV of all time98.

Performance Manufacturing Center work floor.

2013 – Supercar Factory

When we created the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio, we set out to build the best production facility in the world – a place to experiment and craft new technologies and processes. PMC made next-gen NSX precision craftsmanship possible.

Overhead view of two technicians working on NSX engine.

2036 – Forever Young

As tireless what-if-ers and creative engineers, we’ll always be young at heart, taking risks through bold innovation, setting new standards with precision manufacturing, and following our dreams no matter how improbable.

Blue monochrome GIF of NSX taking a right turn on Suzuka race track.

Mr. Honda, the founder of Acura, built the Suzuka racetrack before he'd even sold his first car. See, we learn from the tarmac. It's called genba, and it lets us design the cars we've always wanted to drive.

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World Firsts

When you’re young, you want to change the world. In our 35 years we’ve done just that, kicking out the ladder from under our feet to push what’s possible – landing on significant contributions that set the bar across the auto industry.

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