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Preserving the environment is one of our integral values. The Acura Environmental Leadership Program is our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. With this program, we invite Acura dealers throughout the US to voluntarily reduce the environmental impact of their dealerships.
Award Levels
Our program is designed with a comprehensive set of environmental best practices specifically for auto dealerships. There are three levels of the Acura Environmental Leadership Award:
Silver-level dealers must achieve a 10% reduction in total energy use and meet a threshold of 30 points.
Gold-level dealers must achieve a 30% reduction in total energy use and meet a threshold of 45 points.
The top-level Platinum dealers must achieve a 50% reduction in total energy use and meet a threshold of 60 points.1
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Join our Program

Visit our Green Dealer site to learn more about the program, download our guide, find awarded Acura dealerships, and more.

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With each Acura vehicle, our goal is to create aerodynamic designs that increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions, which in turn help protect our air, water and soil. Our landmark green initiatives established our manufacturing operations as leaders in using natural resources efficiently.

We recognize the impact we have on the environment, and constantly strive to build better vehicles, as well as a better environment.

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