Acura Vehicle Reserve Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the Acura Vehicle Reserve Program ("Reserve Program"). Before you reserve a vehicle, you must carefully review and accept the Reserve Terms and Conditions below. Under the Reserve Program, an Acura vehicle is available for reservation to customers who complete the Reserve Program (as outlined below). American Honda Motor Co., Inc. offers you an opportunity to reserve an Acura vehicle from an authorized, participating Acura Dealer ("Dealer"). By completing the Reserve Program, you will be reserving an Acura vehicle with model year and options to be confirmed by your selected dealer and subject to availability and production restrictions. The vehicle you configure is referred to as the "Vehicle". The Reserve Program offers a unique opportunity to reserve an Acura vehicle and finalize a price and order through your selected Dealer as described in the terms below.

The Reserve Program is NOT a vehicle purchase and it is not a reservation for a particular vehicle. You will still be required to contact an authorized Acura Dealer to discuss final transaction pricing and trade-in, if relevant, arrange any necessary financing, and complete your purchase through the Dealer. Your reservation secures your approximate priority for taking delivery of a vehicle. Participation in the Reserve Program does not guarantee you a vehicle delivery.

Your reservation does NOT guarantee a set price for a vehicle. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DEALER SETS THE ACTUAL PRICE WHICH MAY DIFFER FROM THE MANUFACTURER'S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE ("MSRP"). The MSRP does not include taxes, title, transportation, premium paint charges, other options and other dealer fees and charges* .

In order to complete the Reserve Program, you will be required to:

  1. select a participating Dealer from which to purchase an Acura vehicle,
  2. submit certain information to Acura and your selected Dealer, and
  3. pay a refundable reservation fee ("Reserve Fee") to your selected Dealer via one of the available methods presented by the Dealer.

Under the Reserve Program, after you have successfully completed and submitted the reserve form, you will have priority to either purchase, finance, or lease an Acura vehicle from the Dealer.

The Reserve Program does NOT require you to complete a vehicle purchase, finance, or lease. If you change your mind, you may cancel your Reservation by following the process outlined below under the "RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS" section and the Reserve Fee will be refunded to you.

The Reserve Program is designed to allow you to order a vehicle from Dealer. After you submit your reservation and Reserve Fee, your selected Dealer will contact you to configure the Vehicle. Please note that vehicle option availability may be subject to change. Model year, paint color and other options are not guaranteed and are subject to production or sales restrictions.

Once you complete the reservation you will receive a "Reservation Code". Please keep this Reservation Code for reference. Your selected Dealer will then contact you to negotiate the price with you and obtain your place in line for your order. Your place in line will be tied to the Dealer. In the event you are unable to complete a purchase through the Dealer, please contact the Dealer to cancel the reservation.

Reservation eligibility requirements are below:

  1. The Reserve Program is available only to individuals residing in the United States who are 18 years of age or older.
  2. The Reserve Program is available to businesses or corporate entities provided that you can validate your ownership of, or employment by, the relevant business or corporate entity upon request by AHM
  3. Vehicles must be purchased from and delivered through an authorized, participating Acura Dealer in the United States.
  4. Only one reservation per customer is permitted, and a maximum of two reservations per household are permitted. A reservation may be transferred within a household provided you can provide adequate proof, as determined by Acura in its sole discretion, that the Pre-Order holder and the transferee are part of the same household.
  5. Employees of AHM, its affiliates, agencies, and dealers, and each of their respective family members, are not eligible to participate in the Reserve Program and are not eligible to place a reservation on behalf of themselves, the dealership, dealership employees, or customers.
  6. If Acura, in its sole discretion, determines that a reservation has been placed by a non-eligible person or entity, then Acura reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The next individual who has completed the Reserve Program for a similar vehicle would then be eligible to complete the Reserve Program.


Joining the waitlist does not guarantee availability of an Acura vehicle, is not a vehicle purchase, and does not guarantee a set price for an Acura vehicle. By completing the waitlist process, you consent to sharing your information with AHM and the dealer you select and agree to the Honda Privacy Notice (including information on how we collect and use personal information). If a reservation spot becomes available, you will still be required to contact an authorized Acura Dealer to discuss final transaction pricing and trade-in if relevant, arrange any necessary financing, and complete your purchase through the Dealer. Please note that vehicle option availability may be subject to change. Model year, paint color and other options are not guaranteed and are subject to production or sales restrictions.


It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the cancellation of the reservation and the refund of the Reserve Fee directly with the Dealer. Please note that all cancellations are final - you lose the reservation and any priority to purchase one of the Acura vehicles once the reservation is canceled. If you wish to place another reservation on-line using the same client information, address and payment information, please contact the Dealer.


The information collected on the website for the Reserve Program will be shared with AHM and the Dealer as selected by you in order for us to confirm and process your reservation. The handling of this information is governed by the American Honda Privacy Notice which is available at Although you will be on an Acura website, you will provide your payment information for the Reserve Fee directly to your selected Dealer through a partner website through one of the payments methods the Dealer accepts. Acura never receives or holds your payment or payment information. Acura is not responsible for any information you submit to your selected Dealer.


AHM at its sole discretion at any time for any reason, reserves the right to cancel or change the Reserve Program.

If you have additional questions regarding the Reserve Program, please contact your local selected Dealer.

The Acura Vehicle Reserve

The reservation secures your place in line to submit a vehicle purchase order to Dealer. When we reach your place in line, you will be contacted by your selected Dealer to confirm configuration of your Vehicle and submit your purchase order.

Fully Refundable Reservation Fee

The Reserve Fee is paid to and fully refundable by Dealer. If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact your selected Dealer and provide your pre-order Reservation Code provided in the Confirmation email you received.

How to Reserve

You can place a reservation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your Acura vehicle option.
  2. Select your preferred participating Dealer.
  3. Share your contact and payment information and check out. You will receive a confirmation email with your Reservation Code and your selected Acura Dealer will contact you to provide more information about your reservation.

Confirming Reservation

Upon completing the reservation of an Acura vehicle, you will receive an e-mail with your Reservation Code. If you do not receive an e-mail with a Reservation Code, please contact your Acura dealer.

Delivery Timing

Delivery times may vary depending on when your reservation was placed as well as when an Acura vehicle is configured by your selected Dealer. Your configuration, trim, and option selections will influence the delivery time of a vehicle. Your selected Dealer will provide delivery updates throughout the process.

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