Acura RDX PMC Edition and NSX in Orange Thermal Pearl driving side by side

Handcrafted Precision

With only 360118 of each PMC Edition hand built104 at the Acura Performance Manufacturing Center, these supercar DNA-infused models are made for those who seek the highest level of exhilaration.

Built by NSX master technicians

Acura PMC Edition vehicles are hand built in the Performance Manufacturing Center by master technicians.104 The PMC is where every NSX is made, and where these very special cars come to life

PMC factory worker

Where innovation lives

The Performance Manufacturing Center is at the intersection of technology and human ingenuity. A 200,000 square foot purpose built manufacturing space, it houses a handpicked team of the best Acura technicians from around the world. This facility produces each and every NSX – and now every PMC Edition vehicle.

Acura PMC Edition numbered badge

A Higher Quality Of Precision

Every part used in building an Acura PMC Edition receives meticulous attention from our master technicians104. To ensure the highest level of quality, only 360118 of each model are produced. An authenticating Acura PMC performance emblem marks your model’s specific number.


Hand Built By The Masters

The PMC is equal parts studio, laboratory, and manufacturing facility. An open, dynamic space, where humans work in concert with robots to meticulously craft each car. It is the place where inspired dedication is turned into innovative processes and impeccable design. This airy, pristine workspace is the pinnacle of Precision Crafted Performance.

Acura PMC Precision Crafted Everything

Precision Crafted Everything

PMC Editions separate themselves from the pack with aggressive performance and elevated styling. Wrapped in Valencia Red Pearl and packing a 290-HP81 V-6 engine, the TLX and MDX PMC Editions set a bold tone. Now, the RDX PMC Edition pushes forward with a 272-HP86 Turbo VTEC® engine and NSX Thermal Orange Pearl paint. Power is managed by Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, for better precision driving. The Surround-View Camera, gloss black accents and PMC exclusive design elements take refinement to the highest level.

Reserve Yours Today

Be a part of PMC history. With a limited number being built, these special edition models are Precision Crafted Performance to the very core.104 Contact a dealer to reserve yours before they are gone.

Acura RDX PMC Edition in Orange Thermal Pearl
RDX-PMC logo

MSRP $51,000*

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