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Welcome To The Electrified Era

The next evolution of Precision Crafted PerformanceTM is here, beginning with the all-electric ZDX. Discover how easily the ZDX can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle with a driver-focused experience featuring premium amenities, an anticipated range rating of 325 miles* available and intuitive tech.

Pre-production model shown.

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Drive More, Spend Less

The ZDX is more than an exhilarating drive — it’s a smart investment. On average, EVs cost less to drive mile-for-mile than gas-powered vehicles. ZDX drivers can take advantage of federal, state, and local tax credits, incentives and rebates. Utility providers also often offer programs that provide lower rates for charging EVs during non-peak times. Additional perks include HOV lane access in some states as well as discounted tolls and charging at shopping centers, office buildings, airports and more.

The ZDX Driving Experience

Every detail of the all-electric ZDX is designed to elevate your drive.

Icon of a speed for electrified performance in the Acura ZDX

Performance Electrified

The ZDX electric drivetrain offers adrenaline-pumping thrills with quick acceleration.

Acura ZDX faster charging timer icon

Faster Charging

Connect the ZDX to a DC Fast Charging (DCFC) station with 190kW of charging power and get back on the road faster.

Google map icon Built-in integration on Acura ZDX

Google Built-in

The first-ever Google built-in* integration for Acura optimizes route plans for recharging and estimates charging times to reach your destination.


2024 Acura ZDX wheel driving detail

Get More From Every Drive

With intuitive features and cutting-edge technology, ZDX drivers can feel confident in maximizing their battery’s range, no matter the destination. Beyond assisting with navigation, Google built-in* will also initiate preconditioning of the ZDX battery when navigating to a DC Fast Charging (DCFC) station, reducing charging times and getting drivers back on the road faster.

Pre-production model shown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by electricity from a rechargeable battery. This simplified drivetrain in an EV gives engineers more flexibility to design a spacious interior while improving safety for both drivers and passengers.

EVs offer an adrenaline-pumping drive by providing instant acceleration. By placing the battery in the floor, EVs also have a lower center of gravity, ensuring agile handling on the road.

While there will likely be some changes to your routine, like planning ahead for places to charge on longer road trips and no longer needing to stop at a gas station, the easiest way to keep the same routine is to charge at home. Simply plug in with a Level 2 charger overnight and wake up to a fully charged battery. When you do need to charge while on the road, some quick planning can help ensure that you can shop, eat or run errands while your ZDX charges.

The maintenance on an EV is minimal. EVs do not require scheduled oil changes, for example, but will still need regular service on items like tire rotations, alignments, and air filter changes. The ZDX will also need to have its battery, electric motor and cooling system inspected.

Planning ahead and checking what charging options are available on your route to your destination can help ensure the best road trip experience possible. Finding the charging stations that will be available on your drive through mobile apps or using the Google built-in* integration in the ZDX can help optimize your charging and keep you on track to arrive at your destination on-time. Many public charging stations are now located near restaurants and shopping so you can time your charging with meals or stretch your legs while you wait.

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Get Early Access to ZDX Reservations

Secure your spot to reserve the all-electric ZDX in late fall.

Pre-production model shown.

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