Braking Systems

2020 Acura TLX Pricing and Specs Braking Systems

TLX disc brakes are complemented by several sophisticated electronic systems that enhance stopping performance in almost any circumstance.

  • The anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps you retain steering control when braking heavily, by preventing the wheels from locking up while still allowing them to achieve maximum stopping power.
  • The Electronic Brake Distribution system uses the ABS system to orchestrate braking power among the four wheels – depending on their load – to help optimize braking effectiveness.
  • The Brake Assist system detects emergency or hard braking from the driver by monitoring the speed at which the brake pedal is depressed and stepping in to ensure the ABS system is activated. The system terminates immediately upon release of the brake pedal.
  • Brake Hold is particularly useful at long stop lights or in standstill traffic. With Brake Hold engaged after you come to a full stop, you can release your foot from the brake pedal. The brakes continue to hold the TLX in place until you push the accelerator pedal.