Voice Recognition

RLX Natural Language Voice Recognition interface

In addition to the sophisticated, touchscreen and versatile steering wheel-mounted controls, the voice recognition feature allows you to perform the most frequently used audio, climate, and navigation functions without ever lifting a finger. Speak, and it will be done.

  • With a simple click of the steering wheel-mounted “Talk” control, the audio system instantly mutes so you can issue one of over 200 voice commands (with thousands of variations) to the audio, climate or navigation systems.
  • If you come to an unfamiliar navigation screen, voiced guidance prompts can help. The available command choices are also highlighted.
  • Some simple commands replace multiple manual functions. For example: “CD, song 4”, will turn on the audio system, select CD as an audio source and play the fourth song. That’s three-for-one efficiency.
  • Don’t worry about entering a specific address. The navigation system recognizes over a million city, street and location names.