Suspension System

RLX suspension system

The remarkable handling performance of the RLX is, in part, the result of double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspensions.

  • The front design incorporates a dual lower arm that creates a virtual kingpin at the center of the front wheel's width to reduce torque steer.
  • Anti-dive properties keep the body stable during braking.
  • To maintain composure in hard cornering, the rear multi-link design features anti-squat geometry to reduce pitching under acceleration and also isolates springs and dampers from lateral forces.
  • All four corners are fitted with exclusive Amplitude Reactive Dampers, which feature two piston valves per damper (a.k.a. shock absorber) rather than one. The main valve helps absorb minor road vibration, while the second one is stiffer, reigning in a larger suspension motion for improved stability.
  • Thick front and rear stabilizer bars control body roll for flatter cornering.
  • Agile Handling Assist® uses the active braking components of the Variable Stability Assist system to help the driver maneuver through the desired line of a curve.