On Demand Multi-Use Display™

RLX On Demand Multi-Use Display close up

Acura has long been at the forefront of audio and information technology. But as the number of features have grown, so have the number of buttons on the center panel. The RLX designers, however, devised the ODMD™, an intuitively easy way to use a touchscreen with all the controls you need at any given time. What could have resulted in over 30 buttons is now just nine.

  • You no longer have to repeatedly hit a button until your desired function is rotated into place. With nine different audio sources, each one can be accessed directly.
  • Each display has a design that best arranges controls for the particular task at hand, so every panel can be quickly understood and operated.
  • Every climate control function is instantly accessible, with six hard controls, as well as six touch screen controls with a near-permanent presence at the bottom of the control screen.
  • A shortcuts screen speeds you to your favorite presets among all audio sources, climate control combinations, navigation locations or phone speed-dial favorites.
  • Another shortcut allows you to disable access to various locations and functions for valet service, including trunk and glove box, as well as navigation, phone and audio controls.
  • All the screens can display an instant current status of audio or climate functions, while the upper display screen continues undisturbed.