Motor Integrated 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission

Motor-integrated 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission

An integral part of the Sport Hybrid drivetrain is the 7-Speed DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) with Sequential SportShift paddle shifters. Originally developed for racing, the dual clutch design shifts faster, more smoothly and with greater efficiency than conventional automatic transmissions.

  • The transmission has one clutch for odd-numbered forward gears (1, 3, 5, 7) and a second for even (2, 4, 6).
  • While one clutch is engaged with the currently operating gear, sensors predict if the next gear change will be an upshift or a downshift. The second clutch then prepares the next gear ratio for engagement. When the shift occurs it is instant, with negligible loss of engine torque occurring during the transition.
  • The transmission is controlled “by wire” and operated through the Electronic Gear Selector in the center console. After pushing “Drive” any manual gear changing is done with the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.
  • Tapping a paddle shifter while in “Drive” brings a quick gear change with automatic operation returning when reaching a steady speed. This allows you to make quick gear changes without changing in and out of manual mode.
  • Using a paddle shifter in “Sport” puts the transmission into full manual gear mode, where you’ll have complete control in instances like high-performance or hilly driving.