Krell® Audio System

Top view of RLX Krell Audio system next to rear seats

Krell® Industries is the world's premier manufacturer of high-performance audio and video equipment. Its systems and individual components have received the highest honors by reviewers and audiophiles across the globe. The 14-speaker layout is identical to that of the ELS Studio®32 Premium Audio System, but the speakers and amplifiers are Krell® designed:

  • The system's most important amplifier channels feature the same robust, bipolar power transistors used in flagship Krell® home amplifiers. The result is one-third less distortion than the leading competitors’ flagship luxury car amplifiers, while providing substantially more power and headroom.
  • The six mid-bass drivers are made from Zylon®64 – the world's strongest super fiber – enabling the system to respond quickly to musical signals for sharper clarity of mid-range to bass sounds.
  • The handsome metal speaker grilles create a more open area and less vibration than typical plastic grilles for a more unobtrusive presence.

All audio sources and these features are common to both the ELS Studio® and Krell® audio systems:

  • USB7 Audio Interface for compatible smartphones, iPod®8 or flash drive enabling full operation through the audio system controls.
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio4 and HD Radio®, both offering near-CD quality digital sound.
  • Bluetooth®11 streaming audio, plus the ability to operate Pandora®45 through a compatible smartphone.
  • An auxiliary input jack plays content from personal music players that are incompatible with the USB jack.
  • Song by Voice® allows songs stored in most smartphones to be accessed by voice command.
  • The note function music-reminder lets you store SiriusXM® song information and a 10-second sample so you can recall it later