Braking Systems

RLX brake

The RLX features a firm pedal feel with linear response that allows braking to be precisely modulated. The RLX disc brakes are backed up by several sophisticated electronic systems to provide you with enhanced abilities under most circumstances while also providing more comfort during urban driving.

  • Press a button on the center console to engage Automatic Brake Hold, and you will not have to sustain pressure on the brake pedal during long stops at traffic lights or heavy traffic congestion. When you brake to a stop, hold the brake for about a second longer and then release it. The brakes will then hold the car in place until you engage the accelerator pedal.
  • The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps you retain steering control in emergency braking by preventing the wheels from locking up while still letting them achieve their maximum level of stopping power.
  • The RLX conveniently includes an electronic parking brake that can be set by a simple tug on a switch in the center console.
  • The Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) system uses the ABS system to direct braking power among the four wheels – depending on the vehicle load – to help optimize braking effectiveness.
  • The Brake Assist system detects the driver’s emergency braking by monitoring the speed at which the brake pedal is depressed and stepping in to ensure the ABS system is activated – terminating immediately upon release of the brake pedal.