Bluetooth®11 HandsFreeLink®

RLX steering wheel Bluetooth HandsFreeLink® Wireless Telephone Interface

The Bluetooth®11 HandsFreeLink® system works with most Bluetooth®-enabled cell phones to let you receive and initiate phone calls through the RLX audio system without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

  • With a compatible phone, a simple one-time pairing process using the navigation screen is all it takes to connect your phone to the car. Apple and Android smartphones can even download the AcuraLink® app to make pairing, among other functions, even easier. As long as your phone’s Bluetooth® is enabled, the car will automatically reconnect your phone without it ever leaving your pocket or purse.
  • Whether you initiate or receive a call, the audio system will automatically mute, and you will hear the call through the audio system speakers. By speaking to the windshield, your voice is clearly received through sophisticated directional microphones.
  • Up to six phones can be paired to the system, and if several of the phones are present, you can easily select which one will be connected and change the selection at any time.
  • HandsFreeLink® functions are viewed and operated through the navigation screen, and when available, an incoming call will display the number if it is entered into the speed-dial list.
  • You can download all of your compatible phone’s numbers at one time into the navigation system’s hard drive.10