AcuraLink® Connected Services

RLX Acuralink App on Mobile Phone

A significantly more robust generation of AcuraLink®70 began with the RLX. The system now features two-way cellular communication through an embedded cellular device, making it more versatile. Location and diagnostic information can be sent and retrieved from the car, allowing greater interaction with a smartphone, as well as more available services. Many AcuraLink® features are free of charge, while others will require a subscription service. Some of the other highlights are:

  • The RLX will instantaneously send out an emergency notification if an airbag has been deployed. (Cellular connection and subscription required.)
  • If the RLX has been stolen, its location can be tracked by law enforcement authorities.
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™57 can now show traffic levels on busy side streets as well as freeways.
  • A location on a smartphone can be sent to the navigation system.
  • As part of a subscription service, a live concierge can help you find destinations and send directions to your navigation system.
  • You can remotely lock or unlock your vehicle using your smartphone.