10-Speed Automatic with Sequential SportShift Automatic

RLX 10-Speed Automatic Transmission with Sequential SportShift Paddle Shifters
The RLX P-AWS® model is equipped with a an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, the first of its kind for front-wheel-drive vehicles. Engineered for high efficiency with low internal inertia and an exceptionally wide ratio range, the 10-speed automatic significantly improves RLX acceleration response.
  • The 10-speed transmission is designed to be lightweight and compact. It features four planetary gear sets that work together to provide a wide gear ratio spread significantly wider than its 6-speed predecessor.
  • The 10-speed also provides lightning quick has substantially faster upshift and downshift performance than the previous generation 6-speed transmission, and when call upon, is capable of 4-gear direct downshifts, for example from 10th gear to 6th, or from 7th to 3rd.
  • The steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters deliver quick, precise single or multiple shifts at your fingertips with automatic operation returning when reaching a steady speed.
  • Pressing "Sport" on the Electronic Gear Selector puts the transmission into full manual gear mode, where you'll have complete control in instances such as high-performance or hilly driving.
  • For better climbing or increased downhill engine braking, Grade Logic Control instructs the transmission to hold a lower gear when encountering a steep uphill or downhill grade.