On Demand Multi-Use Display
On Demand Multi-Use Display

Leading the way in audio and information Technology has its advantages—and its challenges. So as the number of features and music sources have increased, Acura designers foresaw a very crowded center panel. The solution is an intuitive touchscreen called On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD) in the Technology Package that consolidates the controls drivers need at any given moment. What could have been more than 30 buttons has been simplified to nine.

  • Up to 10 different audio sources can be accessed directly so you no longer need to repeatedly hit a button to rotate to your desired audio source.
  • So every panel can be quickly understood and operated, each display is uniquely designed for the particular task.
  • A shortcut button gives quick access to your favorite audio presets, navigation locations or speed-dial favorites.
  • When valet parking, another shortcut lets you disable access to various locations and functions, including trunk, glove box, navigation, phone and audio controls.
  • The ODMD can instantly display a current status for audio and climate functions without disturbing the upper display screen. This feature is particularly useful when navigating to a new location.