Lane Keeping Assist System
Lane Keeping Assist System

It's the best kind of backseat driver. Using a forward-facing camera mounted above the inside rear view mirror, the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)59 in the AcuraWatch Plus package works proactively to keep the RDX inside a detected lane.

  • On straight or mildly curving roads, LKAS works to keep the car in the center of the detected lane.
  • The driver still needs to maintain control over the vehicle, as the system will not provide assistance indefinitely. If it senses no steering input from the driver for a certain period of time, the system presents a message instructing the driver to begin steering again and will shut off if the driver fails to engage.
  • If you steer the RDX out of a detected lane without signaling your intention, the system will gently tug the steering wheel and help guide the car back to the center of the lane.
  • Though the system initiates a slight tug, the driver can easily hold course as the system will not take control of the wheel.