Luxury Seats

Front view of MDX Advance seats in Parchment
  • Advanced seat frames and power adjustment features help reduce flex in seat movement, imparting a stable and substantial feel.
  • The driver enjoys a 10-way adjustable power seat, including a power lumbar support.
  • The driver’s Easy Entry feature automatically brings the seat 35mm rearward to ease driver entry. When the door closes, the seat moves into its driver-set memorized position.
  • The front passenger can customize their comfort with an eight-way power adjustable seat.
  • Both front seats offer three levels of heating while the Advance Package adds three levels of ventilation. The ventilation works by drawing air into the seats through perforations in the leather, cooling your body. Six levels of seat climate allow you to reach your desired comfort level more quickly and efficiently.
  • For supreme convenience, the two-driver automatic memory system is designed to record individual preferences for the driver’s seat, steering wheel and side mirror positions as well as other settings.
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