2020 MDX Pricing and Spec SH AWD

Acura has handling and cornering down to a science with a hydraulically-controlled iteration of its Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD®) system. This sophisticated system is designed to enhance high-performance dry-road handling while providing the same all-weather advantages of conventional all-wheel drive. By continuously directing engine power to match weight distribution, available traction, and other conditions, SH-AWD provides seamless power transitions and supreme agility. The feel of such enhanced high-performance cornering is one that simply can't be matched by front, rear or conventional all-wheel drive systems.

  • The system continuously determines the optimal level of power distribution between the front and rear wheels—and between the rear wheels—based on an analysis of wheel speed, steering angle, lateral G-force and yaw rate.
  • To improve fuel efficiency, up to 90% of the power is sent to the front wheels when cruising in a straight line.
  • As weight shifts to the rear of the MDX during hard acceleration, the SH-AWD system transfers up to 45% of engine power to the rear wheels to take advantage of available rear-wheel traction.
  • On a curve under hard acceleration, 70% of effective torque can be directed to the rear—all of which can go to the outside wheel to improve cornering by directing power where weight has shifted.