Electric Power-Assisted Rack-and-Pinion Steering (EPS)

2020 MDX Chassis Steering EPS

The Electronic Power Steering system has been finely tuned to enhance the driver-vehicle connection. And with the standard Integrated Dynamics System (IDS), you can even choose the type of steering you would like to experience during each drive.

  • IDS lets you choose between Comfort, Normal and Sport settings. Each has its own steering feel, from light and low resistance to significantly firmer for the Sport setting.
  • At all IDS settings, the steering system operates easily at parking lot speeds but has a firmer feel on the highway as the power assist varies by vehicle speed.
  • A quick steering ratio results in sharp steering response and less hand-over-hand steering during parking maneuvers.
  • The power is applied directly to the rack, rather than the pinion of the steering system resulting in a more direct response and feel.