SiriusXM® Satellite Radio

2020 Acura MDX Sirius XM Satellite Radio

While you may be aware that SiriusXM’s4 programing includes over 150 stations delivered with clear digital sound, SiriusXM® in the MDX provides several additional features to make you listening experience even more enjoyable.

  • The Instant Replay feature lets listeners rewind the song they are currently listening to, or rewind a song or program on any preset station. It also enables users to scan previously aired content buffered on their preset channels.
  • Tune Start allows listeners to hear all songs from the beginning of all their preset channels automatically. Each preset channel will buffer up to 30 minutes of content.
  • Tune Scan allows listeners to scan all of their preset channels with each song starting from the beginning.
  • Featured Favorites – SiriusXM sends out one or more additional banks of preset channels to you that will automatically appear when you scroll through your presets. Featured Favorites groupings will update on a regular basis to feature the most relevant content (i.e. Holidays, Super bowl, Oscars, etc.).
  • Tune Mix lets you listen to a variety of music from all of your preset music channels without your having to change stations. Despite the station switching, each song starts from its beginning.
  • Sports Flash can automatically alert you to big plays from your favorite sports teams and allows you to tune in to hear all the action. You can listen to your favorite music, talk, or news, and never miss a beat when your team scores a big touchdown, hits a home run, or swishes a game-winner at the buzzer.