2020 Acura MDX Pricing Spec Fuel Efficiency

No longer are the terms "fuel efficiency" and "SUV" on opposite sides of the road. The EPA Fuel Economy Ratings97 of 19 city, 26 highway and 22 combined are largely unheard of for a luxury three-row SUV. Acura pulled out all the stops to make the MDX as efficient as possible.

  • The 9-speed transmission keeps the engine near its efficiency peak throughout acceleration with 9th gear letting it run leisurely when highway cruising.
  • Equipped with Idle Stop standard. This enables the MDX V-6 to automatically shut off when the vehicle comes to a stop. When the driver releases the brake pedal the engine automatically restarts and the MDX is ready to accelerate. Active engine mounts help make the restarting process smooth and seamless. It also increases the EPA Fuel Economy Ratings38 to 20 / 27 / 23 MPG (city/highway/combined) for the front-wheel drive model and 19 / 26 / 22 for the SH-AWD® models (19 / 25 / 21 for SH-AWD A-Spec).
  • The weight of the MDX was reduced by 275 pounds from 2014 (the previous design) with no loss of interior room making it one of the lightest vehicles in its class. The result is improved fuel efficiency, handling and power-to-weight ratio all at the same time.
  • The vehicle’s 18-inch or 20-inch tires provide 20% lower rolling resistance than the previous MDX design.
  • In addition to the tires, reduced friction brakes and bearings reduce overall load force by 19%.
  • Extensive wind tunnel testing resulted in 16% greater aerodynamic efficiency with improved airflow around the body.