Road Departure Mitigation System

2020 Acura MDX Pricing Specs Road Departure Mitigation System

To help make sure that you only take the MDX off the pavement when you want to, Road Departure Mitigation detects objects on the side of the road and helps you avoid them.

  • While the Lane Keeping Assist uses a monocular camera (mounted on the upper portion of the windshield) to identify solid or dashed painted lane lines, Botts' dots and Cat Eye marker, the Road Departure Mitigation System can identify objects such as trees or parked cars which would indicate spaces beyond the side of the road.
  • When the system detects the MDX is about to leave the road, it warns the driver with an MID warning message, and on Advance models, an amber head-up warning.
  • The system then uses the active steering function of the Lane Keeping Assist system and can automatically apply brakes if necessary to keep you from leaving the road altogether.