Acura Rear Entertainment System

2020 Acura MDX Acura Rear Entertainment System
Keep boredom at bay on long trips for second- and third-row passengers with an entertainment system that's available on models with either the Technology or Advance Package.
  • The Entertainment Package features the Acura DVD Rear Entertainment System, which includes a 9-inch screen that is lowered from an overhead console.
  • Models with both the Advance and Entertainment Packages include an extra-wide 16.2-inch screen in the overhead console. The screen can show wide-ratio movies or even accommodate two separate video sources and show both images side by side.
  • Models with both the Technology and Entertainment Packages gain a ceiling-mounted speaker for improved surround sound. The Advance Package adds two ceiling-mounted speakers.
  • In addition to audio that is routed through the sound system speakers, passengers may use wireless Personal Surround headphones or connect through three available audio jacks.
  • An auxiliary input jack and 110-volt outlet are provided for attaching a game console, laptop computer, or other small device. Advance Package models also have an HDMI input for a wider variety of video sources.
  • The system can play the full range of audio content available from the MDX audio system, and in most cases, will operate independently from the front, allowing the rear passengers to enjoy a separate type of programming.
  • An illuminated and removable wireless remote and LCD control screen provides clear and intuitive operation.