Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow
2019 Acura MDX Pricing and Specs Adaptive Cruise Control

Setting the cruise control during your urban commute? Acura technology makes it possible. As with a conventional system, the available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with low-speed follow53 system allows you to set a desired speed but also maintain a desired interval from the car ahead so you enjoy the benefits of cruise control in light traffic.

  • While cruising, engage the ACC and the system will prompt you to select a short, medium or long interval from the vehicle detected ahead.
  • Once a speed is set (between 20 and 95) you can raise or lower it with the steering-wheel controls while the MID informs you what MPH you are setting.
  • At speeds below the set speed, ACC will maintain the set interval by modulating the throttle and applying moderate braking when appropriate. The interval from the detected vehicle will remain even if it slows to a stop.
  • After stopping, a tap on the throttle instructs the car to continue maintaining the desired interval between the vehicles.