Seat Belts & Airbags

ILX 2020 interior cabin top view

Seat belts are the first line of defense in a collision. That’s why every seating position in the ILX has 3-point belts and head restraints. The front seats also have a load-limiting tensioner system and each airbag features a highly sophisticated deployment system.

  • In the first milliseconds of a sufficient impact, tensioners automatically tighten the front belts to help hold the occupant in position against the seatback.
  • To help prevent the tensioners from causing undue pressure on the chest, load limiters slightly relieve belt tension as needed to help soften the force.
  • Sensors in the front passenger seat determine if it’s unoccupied or if the passenger is too small for the Advanced Front Airbag to deploy safely. If necessary, it will disengage the front airbag.
  • In the event of a moderate-to-severe side impact, the SmartVent™ front side airbag inflates to help protect the driver’s or front passenger’s upper torso.