Acura Navigation System

2020 ILX Acura Navigation System open on the upper screen

The Acura Navigation System10 in conjunction with AcuraLink®, is perhaps the best driving companion since the invention of the car radio.

  • The system features an 8-inch screen mounted high in the center control panel for easy visibility.

  • You can enter an address or access a location from its vast destination database using the interface dial or the Voice Recognition System.

  • The screen will plot your path on the map and show specific displays to guide you through freeway ramps, interchanges and forks in the road.

  • If desired, the system provides voiced guidance.

  • The system’s database will not only show you the nearby ATM’s, if you tell it to only show your bank’s ATM’s because you don’t want to pay a service charge, it will only show those machines.

  • You can also find the exact type of restaurant you’re in the mood for as well as locate schools, parks, hospitals, drugstores, museums, and more.