Precision From The Ground Up

Signaling the highest performance in the lineup, the Type S Concept represents the very ethos of Acura design. Its return is a pivotal moment, as it sets the tone not only for the Acura vehicles themselves, but for a new era of the Acura brand.

Side view of a Type S Concept car

High Performance, Celebrated

Welcome the next era of performance with the new Type S Concept.


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The Archetype of Performance

The Type S Concept defines the direction for a new generation of design and performance.

Close up of Type S Concept car headlight

Commitment At Its Core

Since its debut in 2001, the Type S badge has become globally recognized as Acura's flagship for premium performance. On hiatus for the past 11 years, Type S will return to raise the bar.

Close up of the Type S Badge and Acura logo

Engineering The Evocative

The Type S Concept is the crystallization of Precision Crafted Performance. Moreover, it informs the new design direction of model variants in the years to come. Alluding to its performance pedigree, the Type S Concept features clean, muscular lines, quad exhaust outlets, and the iconic Type S badge.

Rear-wide angle of a Type S Concept car
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