Front & Rear Seats

2020 Acura TLX Advance Ventilated Heat Seats Modal

Front seat design focuses not only on comfort but performance as well. Both front seats feature pronounced side bolsters, providing lateral support for hard cornering and ample comfort for long road trips.

  • Advanced seat frames and power adjustment features help reduce flex in seat movement, imparting a stable, substantial feel.
  • The driver’s seat is 10-way adjustable including power lumbar support.
  • The front passenger enjoys 4-way power adjustability on 4-cylinder models and 8-way adjustability on V-6 models.
  • Both front seats have three levels of heating. The Advance and A-Spec Packages add three levels of ventilation. Ventilation works by drawing air into the seats through tiny perforations in the leather. These adjustments of seat climate let you reach desired comfort quickly and efficiently.
  • For supreme convenience, the 2-driver automatic memory system records preferences for the driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors and more.

The rear seats easily accommodate three adults, and with the 60/40 seats folded down adds cargo-carrying flexibility.

  • Models with the Technology Package have soft, perforated leather seating surfaces.
  • The center armrest folds down to provide cup holders and can act as a stand for iPad®8 or other tablet devices.
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