Surround View Camera System

Surround-view Camera display on upper screen.

Park with ease thanks to the Advance Package’s Surround View Camera System. Four exterior cameras together give you a 360° view of the space immediately around the car through the navigation display. Changes camera views with a button on the navigation display controls or on the end of the turn signal lever.

  • Select Reverse, and you are given the traditional rear camera view plus an overhead 360° view. Guidelines appear in each view which correspond with the angle of the front wheels’ angle to show your rearward path. A press of either camera button switches to show the rear view alone, and another press shows a wide-angle rear view.
  • Pressing either “Camera” button when not in reverse shows the 360° view that is ideal for getting that ‘just-right’ parked position. Another button press presents a front wide-angle view that helps you spot an approaching vehicle or person when nosing out of a tight spot with a blocked side view. Additional views include: looking ahead from both sides and passenger side view.