Apple CarPlay Integration

CarPlay Siri display on upper screen.

All 2019 TLX models are Apple CarPlay™ compatible. Just connect your iPhone (iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 7 or newer) to the USB jack, select Apple CarPlay on the touch-screen and familiar Apple application icons will appear on the navigation screen for phone use, accessing music or other audio sources, and even using Apple’s navigation software.

  • When the phone and car are connected for the first time, there is an initial setup procedure that allows your car to access your phone. After that, accessing Apple CarPlay from your connected phone will be as simple as selecting it from the media sources on the ODMD™ touch-screen.
  • Apple CarPlay appears on the upper navigation screen to minimize eye diversion from the road. Rather than requiring you to reach for the screen, Apple CarPlay is operated using the easy-to-reach navigation interface dial.
  • The apps are pared down specifically for ease of use while driving.
  • To further minimize eye diversion, and hand use, Siri® voice commands can be used for nearly all operations.