AcuraLink The Next Generation

TLX 2019 AcuraLink The Next Generation

Enjoy a whole new generation of available AcuraLink®70 with TLX. Thanks to an embedded cellular device, this AcuraLink® system features two-way communication. In an emergency, location and diagnostic information can be sent and retrieved from the car. Greater interaction with a smartphone enables even more available services. While many AcuraLink® features are complimentary, others require a subscription. Some of the systems highlights are:

  • The TLX can relay an emergency notification if an airbag deploys. (Cellular connection required.)
  • If the TLX is stolen, its location can be tracked.
  • A location on your smartphone can be sent to the navigation system as a ready-to-drive route.
  • As part of a subscription service, a live concierge can help you make restaurant reservations and then send directions to the navigation system.
  • Vehicle doors can be remotely locked or unlocked using a smartphone.