Acura RDX Driving modes: Snow, Sport, Comfort & more

2019 RDX interior in Parchment

Now you can choose the way your RDX responds to the road. With the new Integrated Dynamics System (IDS), RDX owners not only enjoy a 10-speed transmission but also four unique drive modes: Snow, Comfort, Sport and Sport+. One for every mood, you might say.

  • The IDS control knob on the center console lets the driver cycle through the drive modes and view them on the center display.
  • COMFORT – A balanced, Acura-level mix of comfort and handling. “Just right,” you could call it. Think of it as a chill mode ideal for long distance travel.
  • SNOW – For when conditions are not ideal, and you want a little extra confidence and peace of mind.
  • SPORT – Now things get fun. A little more response from the steering and the throttle.
  • SPORT+ – Welcome to the fun zone. Sport+ adds much more aggressive shifting and an even sharper steering feel. This is the best setting for an exhilarating drive.
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