True Touchpad Interface™

2019 RDX with True Touchpad Interface
Breakthrough tech you can feel. Acura's True Touchpad Interface™ offers a stronger connection between man and machine. To support intuitive and easy control, the touchpad is precisely mapped, one-to-one, with the action on the center display – the world's first application of absolute positioning in the driving environment. Simply put, a touch on any location of the touchpad corresponds directly with that same location on the display.
  • More intuitive: the touchpad's surface is slightly concave, allowing the user to quickly identify the center of the touchpad without looking down.
  • The True Touchpad Interface™ interacts with the 10.2-inch full-HD Center Display mounted high atop the center console, close to the driver's natural line of sight.
  • A padded wrist rest, integrated within the RDX's high-deck floating center console, provides a comfortable and stable platform for operating the touchpad.