On Demand Multi-Use Display
Spec Media Connectivity 2018 MDX On Demand Display

Leading the way in audio and information technology has its advantages, and its challenges. As the number of features continued to increase, Acura designers foresaw a very crowded center panel. So they designed an intuitive touch screen called On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD) to house all the controls you need at any given time. As a result, what could have been more than 41 buttons has been simplified to nine.

  • Each of the up to 10 different audio sources in the MDX can be accessed directly.
  • Each display has a design that best arranges controls for the particular task at hand, so every panel can be quickly understood and operated.
  • Every climate control function is instantly accessible with six hard controls as well as nine touch-screen controls with a near-permanent presence at the bottom of the ODMD.
  • A Shortcut button speeds you to your favorite presets among all audio sources, climate control combinations, navigation locations or speed-dial favorites on your phone.
  • All screens can display an instant current status of audio or climate functions while the upper display screen continues undisturbed.
  • There are still hard controls available for most climate control functions, and most audio system functions—including changing audio source or radio preset—can be operated with the steering wheel controls.