Reverse Calculator21

Our reverse calculator helps you determine what you can afford. We will show you a list of new Acura vehicles based on the results. Enter your desired monthly payment, choose a term, and enter a down payment. Then click "Calculate" for results.


Acura vehicles you can afford to lease:
Matching Acura vehicles:
Acura vehicles you can afford to finance:
Matching Acura vehicles:
What you owe on your current loan or lease.
Cash payment used to reduce your amount financed.
This is the price you negotiate with your Acura dealer. It includes destination charges, but accessories and installation charges are extra.
Trade-in values obtained from Kelley Blue Book are estimates and the actual value of your vehicle may vary. The actual value of your trade-in may be higher or lower depending upon the condition of your vehicle, equipment and local market conditions.
The amount you contribute reduces the amount you finance.
The duration of your lease/finance period.
Miles you are allotted per year.
Your desired Annual Percentage Rate. Actual rates may vary based on availability and your credit score.