Active Damper System
Active Damper System

Exclusive to the Sport Hybrid models, the Active Damper System can adjust suspension stiffness changes in a split second, to both smooth the ride and sharpen handling according to driving conditions. This allows the MDX Sport Hybrid to remain soft and comfortable during highway cruising, yet firm when the road requires high-performance handling.

  • The dampers – also known as shock absorbers – are filled with a fluid that significantly thickens in the presence of a magnetic field. The stronger the field, the stiffer the damper.
  • Each damper can adjust from soft to race car-stiff in as little as 5 milliseconds.
  • Turning the IDS to Sport+ will bias the system toward more stiffness, though it still varies by road and driving condition.
  • The Active Damper System is always on whenever the ignition is engaged.