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With dramatic styling, sports-sedan performance, fuel-efficiency and plenty of cargo space, there's little wonder why the TSX Sport Wagon has received such rave reviews.


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Acura currently holds the Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) Residual Value Award for Overall Luxury Brand. Acura has previously earned this honor in 2009 and 2010 and has never ranked below 2nd place for the past five years.



“The TSX wagon is an absolute blast to drive. It's low to the ground and handles with the kind of assurance that one might only expect of a far more expensive car. It has all the power that this admittedly lead-footed lady might need, whether I'm running late to soccer practice or outrunning a semitrailer when merging onto the freeway. It's quick and agile around town and at the mall parking lot. With plenty of cargo room, the TSX handled all our gear as well as it handled the road.”

“Like most Acuras, the TSX Sport Wagon's interior is clean and driver oriented.”

“One of my favorite things about the TSX Sport Wagon is the cavernous cargo area. This may be a fairly small vehicle, but it can haul a large load. It comes with a standard cargo cover, too, so you can keep things under wraps and out of sight. The cargo area is wide and flat and has a shallow under-floor area for items. I kept my reusable grocery bags in there. There are also side cubbies that can easily contain a gallon of milk or an emergency roadside kit. They feel a little bit like secret compartments, which is just fun.”

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