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With dramatic styling, sports-sedan performance, fuel-efficiency and plenty of cargo space, there's little wonder why the TSX Sport Wagon has received such rave reviews.


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ALG Residual Value

Acura currently holds the Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) Residual Value Award for Overall Luxury Brand. Acura has previously earned this honor in 2009 and 2010 and has never ranked below 2nd place for the past five years.


Edmunds.com 2011 Consumers’ Top Rated® Accolade

The TSX Sport Wagon earned a 2011 Consumers’ Top Rated® award in the Wagons category from Edmunds.com

“The sport-utility vehicle has all but replaced the traditional wagon on the American road, but now that gas prices are rising so quickly, the wagon is making a comeback. It has the multidimensional utility of an SUV, but in a package that's more space-efficient and more fuel-efficient, not to mention more comfortable. The Acura TSX Sport Wagon is a good example, as this derivative of the Acura TSX sedan reflects Acura's traditional emphasis on practical luxury.”

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