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2009 New York Auto Show Remarks, Jeff Conrad, Vice President Acura Sales NEW YORK - 4/8/2009

Jeff Conrad
Vice President, Acura Sales
New York International Auto Show Remarks

Good morning everyone and welcome.

If Acura's approach to business could be summed up in just two words they would be - "continuous progress."

Continuous progress toward our goals --regardless of the challenges, the competition and yes, the marketplace.

Our relentless drive to become one of the top luxury automotive brands in the world continues.

The current automotive environment is what it is.

There are things beyond our control...

And areas where we can have an impact.

We can either sit back and hope the market improves...

Or we can generate some excitement in the marketplace...

Rekindle the passion of true automotive enthusiasts...

And give people a truly compelling reason to visit our showrooms.

At Acura, we're taking the latter option.

Today, we're here to launch an entirely new category of luxury vehicle.

Something the market's never seen before.

A provocative automobile that will set new standards not only for Acura - but in many ways -- for the industry as a whole.

But before we show it to you, let's hear what inspired and motivated the designers to create this newest Acura.

-Reveal -

By the way, one of the designers you saw and heard in that video - Michelle Christensen - was only 25 years old and straight out of the Art Center College of Design when she first sketched the ZDX.

We think she hit a home run her first time at bat.

The ZDX is clearly a ground-breaking creation. It takes the best attributes of a stylish coupe, a versatile sedan and a flexible SUV - and successfully blends them into a head-turning vehicle for active and adventurous individuals to explore their passions such as:

Escaping to the country for a romantic weekend ....

Navigating the city streets in search of a trendy a new restaurant....or

Comfortably covering the miles to a favorite ski resort or ocean front retreat.

This provocative luxury four door sports coupe encourages and enables its owner to experience life's many possibilities with style, power and grace...

It is personal freedom defined in dramatic sheet metal, fine leather and advanced technology.

Its intent is to appeal to the passions and emotions of people who appreciate cutting-edge design, innovative thinking and fresh ideas.

But it's not just striking to look at; the ZDX will also draw the attention and the admiration of true driving enthusiasts.

Power comes from a robust and responsive all-aluminum VTEC V6 engine that propels the ZDX forward with authority.

Acura's exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive delivers extraordinary all-weather agility -- while greatly enhancing cornering prowess and driver confidence.

The thick, leather-wrapped steering wheel feels great in your hands -- and the racing-inspired paddle shifters provide instant command of the 6-speed automatic transmission.

And of course, the ZDX will be available with Acura's signature technologies such as:

A navigation system with voice recognition to help guide you to your next getaway.

An AcuraLink® satellite communication system with real-time traffic and weather updates to make sure you get to the theater in plenty of time for the opening curtain.

And an Acura / ELS premium audio system... to completely envelop you in your favorite music.

And there are some new advancements as well...

Like an innovative blind spot information system which will help the driver change lanes more safely.

And a new multi-view rear camera to make parking even easier.

I'm also happy to report that every ZDX will feature a panoramic glass roof and rich leather interior appointments.

Now, this is a prototype but its extremely close to the production vehicle which will arrive in Acura showrooms this fall.

When the ZDX arrives, it will bring a whole new level of prestige to the Acura lineup. Not just in terms of style, performance, luxury and technology, but by defining its own segment and position - above our popular MDX.

We also believe it will attract an entirely new luxury customer to Acura.

Speaking of luxury, I'm pleased to announce that Acura has extended our unique partnership with the exclusive W hotels - the fastest growing luxury hotel brand in the world.

Acura will remain the preferred vehicle at all W hotel properties in North America - and chauffeur driven MDXs will be available for the complimentary use of W hotel guests.

We believe the revolutionary new ZDX is a one-of-a-kind design that will help energize the entire luxury automobile market.

And it comes in a year when almost every model in the Acura lineup will see major enhancements across the board.

And It's now my pleasure to introduce the designers of the ZDX to you:

Damon Schell, Michelle Christensen and Michael Wiedeman.

Thank you for attending and now, come on up and take a closer look // at the newest, most provocative, and most advanced Acura - and speak with the designers that created it!