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Acura RL Features Ground-Breaking Acura/BOSE® DVD-Audio System Torrance, Calif. - 9/2/2004

The all-new Acura RL luxury performance sedan features a ground-breaking new Acura/BOSE DVD-Audio system that delivers surround sound to all seating positions. Unlike many premium audio systems, this system delivers a surround sound listening experience, not only from DVD-Audio and DTS recordings, but from conventional 2-channel CDs as well.

DVD-Audio allows system engineers to create a true "multi-channel" audio system utilizing the 5.1 format to create eight channels of custom equalization. This is a dramatic advancement over current premium "stereo" systems that only offer two channels of music. The RL's Acura/BOSE DVD-Audio system accommodates separate dedicated channels for center, left front, right front, left surround, right surround and subwoofer channels. The DVD-Audio format offers sound resolution 500 times better than CD.

The RL's Acura/BOSE DVD-Audio system utilizes several proprietary Bose technologies including the Bose Cabin Surround® circuitry with 10 carefully placed speakers to create high quality 360 surround sound at every seat. Typically, advanced systems can only deliver surround sound from specially encoded CDs and DVDs. The Acura/Bose DVD-Audio system also delivers simulated surround sound from conventional 2-channel CDs using proprietary Bose Centerpoint® signal processing circuitry, which automatically processes stereo recordings to five independent channels of sound for a multi-channel surround sound experience.

A common disadvantage to listening to music in a car is the constant, varying degrees of road, wind and other external noise that can interfere with enjoyment of the music. But advanced Bose AudioPilot® noise compensation technology in the 2005 RL automatically helps reduce the effects of unwanted noise from varying road surfaces, driving speeds or an open moonroof. AudioPilot continuously measures the level of unwanted noise in the cabin, and compensates by automatically adjusting the audio signal to ensure that the music can be clearly heard and enjoyed.

The Acura/BOSE DVD-Audio system was designed from the ground up as a collaborative effort between Bose engineers and the Acura RL design team. Instead of adding audio components to the cabin after the car was complete, Bose engineers were on hand during the very early stages of interior development to design a custom listening environment that would complement and enhance the refined interior of the new 2005 RL.

The RL's audio system features an in-dash 6-disc changer, and standard XM Satellite Radio. In addition to DVD-Audio recordings and CDs, the RL's audio system plays MP3s.

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