The icon drives again

The concept is officially a reality. The production version of the highly anticipated mid-engine Acura supercar is here.

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A Body for Spin

Aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel are meticulously tailored by 100 skilled craftsmen to create the multi-material body with space frame construction for lightweight and high rigidity. Each NSX is built for ultimate performance and refined for irresistible allure.

Function and form, fused

The Human Support Cockpit interior is designed exclusively around the driver’s needs. From simple and intuitive controls to a painstakingly designed steering wheel grip, every detail is perfected. Because the smartest part of the car is the driver.

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The three-meter instrument cluster features a color TFT center master with graphics that change in response to the Integrated Dynamics System settings


The masterfully-crafted steering wheel puts virtually every essential control right at your fingertips, not least of which is the paddle shifters


The center console holds the push button ignition which is nested in the center of the Integrated Dynamics System dial control


Power In Numbers

75-degree DOHC V-6. Twin turbochargers. Dry-sump lubrication. 9-speed dual clutch transmission. A rear direct-drive electric motor. Twin front electric motors. The all-new bespoke power unit is built to get pulses pounding.

It’s Your Turn

Own every bend, “S” and hairpin. The 3-motor Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system sends extra torque to the wheels that need it so you cut the perfect line through every turn.

History, again

The most exhilarating drive down memory lane you’ll ever take.

The NSX Experience

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