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Lighting & Visibility
Rearview Camera*
Rearview Camera
Included in Technology Package
HID Headlights*
Key Remote Functions*
Rearview Camera
Technology Package
Rearview Camera

When the transmission is in “Reverse,” you can view various obstacles that are behind the TSX and below your normal field of vision through the large, 8-inch navigation screen.

  • A camera located discreetly above the rear license plate provides clear visibility for short items like traffic cones or garbage cans, and is also extremely useful when parallel parking.
  • Guidelines in the image help you gauge distances and predict vehicle position.
  • The passenger side mirror also enhances rearward visibility by automatically tilting down when reverse is engaged to reveal any objects close to the side of the car.
HID Headlights
Standard Feature
HID Headlights

All TSX models are equipped with Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) low-beam headlights for greatly enhanced clarity.

  • Xenon lights produce a whiter light that brings out more details than conventional halogen bulbs.
  • The HID lenses allow a more precise beam pattern that increases road visibility without blinding oncoming drivers.
Key Remote Functions
Standard Feature
Remote Entry

The TSX key remote was given a few extra convenience features beyond the usual door lock, trunk release and panic button functions.

  • The remote can lower the windows and open the moonroof to air out the cabin as you approach.
  • The TSX will read the driver’s seat position and other personalized settings that are linked to the remote and activate those settings the moment the driver’s door is opened.
  • The key folds into the remote, making it more compact for carrying.