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Lighting & Visibility
Multi-view Rear Camera*
Jewel Eye LED Headlights*
Blind Spot Information System*
Blind Spot Information System
Included in Technology Package Feature
Side Mirrors*
Head-up Display*
Head-up Display
Sport Hybrid SH-AWD Feature
Key Remote Functions*
Multi-view Rear Camera
Standard Feature
Multi-view Rear Camera
Multi-view Rear CameraInteractive Demo

Learn More About the Multi-view Rear Camera

The RLX comes with a rearview camera50 that automatically produces a display in the center screen when “Reverse” is engaged. There are three separate views, allowing you to select the one that best serves your situation. You can change the views by pressing the center panel’s “Enter” control.

  • The normal view is ideal to look for items behind the RLX that are too low to be seen through the rear window.
  • The wide angle view shows a 170° view behind the RLX, which is perfect to look for approaching vehicles or pedestrians when backing out of parking spots.
  • The top-down view is useful for parallel parking or lining up a trailer hitch.
  • When dynamic guidelines are activated, the guidelines move according to front wheel angle to help guide your trajectory and judge distances.
Jewel Eye LED Headlights
Standard Feature
Jewel Eye LED Headlights

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All RLX models are equipped with Jewel Eye® LED headlights which provide a whiter, brighter beam than HID or halogen headlights, while using less energy and lasting significantly longer.

  • The low beams are comprised of eight LEDs that shine through 16 lenses. Each pair of lenses is precisely aimed to focus the LED beam over a longer and wider surface area, enabling the driver to see the road more clearly, without blinding oncoming traffic.
  • The high beams activate and enable you to identify distant objects 200 milliseconds more quickly than conventional lights. At 60 mph, the car will have traveled over 17 feet by that time.
  • During the day, the 16 low-beam lenses act as daytime running lights, giving the RLX the same distinctive light signature, both day and night.
  • Even when turned off, the reflective surfaces behind the lenses give the lights a bright, jewel-like appearance.
  • The Jewel Eye™® LED headlights are joined by LED fog lights on the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD models.
Blind Spot Information System
Technology Package Feature
Blind Spot Information System

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The blind spot information (BSI) system can assist you when making lane changes.

  • If the system detects a vehicle in an adjacent lane in the RLX “alert zone” (approximately from the rear half of the RLX to half a car-length back), an indicator will appear on that side’s windshield pillar, and a display will appear on the MID at the center of the gauge cluster.
  • If the driver activates the turn signal in the direction where a vehicle has been detected, the pillar light on the corresponding side will flash, and a buzzer will sound.
  • The indicators only light up when the RLX is traveling above 6 mph, so they won’t come on when parking, at stop lights, or in stop-and-go traffic.
Side Mirrors
Standard Feature
Side Mirrors

While side mirrors are often an overlooked component in many cars, in the RLX they’re surprisingly feature-rich.

  • Both mirrors are automatically heated when the rear window defogger is activated.
  • When reverse is engaged, the mirrors automatically tilt downward to reveal potential obstructions close to the car.
  • The power mirrors are among the many components that can automatically move into a preset position when a driver who’s holding a key enters the car.
  • The outer quarter of the driver’s mirror is slightly curved outward to give an expanded view to the side of the car.
  • The mirror housing contains a thin line of LEDs that light up with the turn signals.
  • With the Technology Package, the mirrors will fold alongside the car at the push of a button or can be set to automatically fold when the doors are locked from outside the vehicle.
  • With the Advance Package, the mirrors will dim automatically in the evening to prevent reflected headlights from becoming a distraction.
Head-up Display
Sport Hybrid SH-AWD Feature
Head-up Display
Head-up DisplayInteractive Demo

Learn More About the Head-up Display System

The Head-up Display projects a transparent, easy-to-see image onto the lower portion of the windshield allowing you to view key vehicle information while keeping your eyes on the road. There is a wide variety of available displays that can be accessed. The primary display information is a digital speedometer reading which can be accompanied by a display for any one of the following:

  • Power distribution monitor
  • Tachometer band graphic
  • Compass
  • Turn-by-turn directions from the navigation system
  • Status of Adaptive Cruise control and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)59 (Advance Package only)

Warning displays will appear in the Head-up Display automatically. These include:

  • An orange shape will flash to warn you to begin braking if the Forward Collision Warning system (FCW)55 detects a potential problem.
  • An amber lane marking will inform you that you are drifting to the edge of your lane
  • An incoming message icon will indicate you have an important message on the Multi-Information Display (MID)
  • You can briefly call up a display showing audio system status as well as a speed dial or call history list from your paired cell phone.
  • The Head-up Display can be adjusted for brightness and vertical position or can be shut off if desired.
Key Remote Functions
Standard Feature
Key Remote Functions

Despite the handsome design of the RLX key, it’s rarely necessary to remove it from your pocket or purse.

  • The door handles will automatically light up as you approach the RLX, starting from about three feet away.
  • Upon touching the driver’s door handle, the seats, steering wheel, and side mirrors will automatically move to your previously determined settings. In addition, your presets for radio (AM, FM and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio4), speed dial, and navigation locations (if equipped) will also be activated.
  • Once inside, the Multi-Information Display (MID) located between the speedometer and tachometer, informs you to start the car by pushing the start button while applying brake pressure.
  • When leaving the car, pushing a button on the outer door handle locks the vehicle.
  • On a hot day, you can lower all the windows and open the sunroof to cool the car by pressing the unlock button on the remote a second time and holding it as you approach the vehicle.