Lighting & Visibility
Multi-View Rear Camera*
Jewel Eye LED Headlights*
Parking Sensors*
Parking Sensors
Included in Advance Package
Blind Spot Information System*
Blind Spot Information System
Included in Technology and Advance Packages
Key Remote Functions*
Speed Sensitive Wipers*
Remote Engine Start*
Remote Engine Start
Included in Advance Package
Multi-View Rear Camera
Standard Feature
Multi-View Rear Camera
Multi-View Rear CameraInteractive Demo

Learn More About Multi-view Rear Camera

All MDX models include a rearview camera50 that automatically produces a display in the center screen when “Reverse” is engaged. There are three separate views, allowing you to select the one that best serves your situation. You can change the views by pressing the center panel’s “Enter” control.

  • The normal view is ideal to help survey areas behind the MDX that are too low to be seen through the rear window when backing up or parking.
  • The wide angle view shows a 170° view behind the MDX, which is perfect to help you see approaching vehicles when backing out of parking spots.
  • The top-down view is useful for parallel parking or lining up a trailer hitch.
  • When Dynamic Guidelines are activated, the guidelines move according to front wheel angle to help guide your trajectory and judge distances.
  • The closest guideline indicates clearance for opening the power tailgate.
Jewel Eye LED Headlights
Standard Feature
Jewel Eye LED Headlights

All MDX models are equipped with Jewel Eye® LED headlights. In addition to giving the MDX an elegant appearance, the five LEDs on each side provide a whiter, brighter beam, use less energy and last significantly longer than HID or halogen headlights.

  • The low beams comprise the outer three LEDs on each side. Each lens is precisely aimed to focus the LED beam over a longer and wider surface area, so you see the road more clearly while not blinding oncoming traffic.
  • When the high beams activate the two inner LEDs on each side, you can identify distant objects 200 milliseconds sooner than with conventional lights. At 60 mph, the vehicle will have traveled over 17 feet in that time.
  • During the day, all ten lenses act as daytime running lights, giving the MDX a distinctive light signature both day and night.
  • Even when turned off, the reflective surfaces behind the lenses give the lights a bright, jewel-like appearance.
Parking Sensors
Advance Package
Parking Sensors

The Advance Package includes parking sensors for both the front and rear.

  • The sensors detect when the MDX is closely approaching a vehicle or surface in the front or rear.
  • When the MDX is close to a detected obstruction, a beep sounds in the cabin. The beep sounds more rapidly as you get closer.
Blind Spot Information System
Technology Package and Advance Package
Blind Spot Information System
Blind Spot Information System
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The MDX can be equipped with a blind spot information (BSI) system that assists you when making lane changes.

  • If the system detects a vehicle in an adjacent lane in the MDX’s “alert zone” (approximately from the rear half of the MDX to half a car-length back), an indicator will appear on that side’s windshield pillar.
  • The pillar light will flash if the driver activates the turn signal in the direction where a vehicle has been detected.
  • The blind spot indicators only light up when the MDX is traveling above 6 mph, so they won’t come on when you’re parking, at stop lights, or in stop-and-go traffic.
  • The system also includes a maximum speed difference threshold, so the alert will not activate as you drive past parked cars.
Key Remote Functions
Standard Feature
Key Remote Functions

Despite the handsome design of the MDX key, it’s rarely necessary to remove it from your pocket or purse.

  • As you approach the MDX, from about three feet away, models with the Technology Package will activate “puddle lights” that light the area in front of the doors.
  • Upon touching the driver’s door handle, the seats, steering wheel and side mirrors will automatically move to your previously determined settings. In addition, your presets for radio (AM, FM and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio4), speed dial and navigation locations (if equipped) will also be activated.
  • Once inside, the Multi-Information Display located between the speedometer and tachometer, informs you to start the car by pushing the start button while applying brake pressure.
  • When leaving the car, pushing a button on the outer front door handle locks the vehicle. Technology Package models have these buttons on the rear doors as well.
  • On a hot day, you can lower all the windows and open the sunroof to cool the car by pressing the unlock button on the remote a second time and holding it as you approach the vehicle.
Speed Sensitive Wipers
Standard Feature
Speed Sensitive Wipers

Wipers are generally taken for granted on all automobiles but the MDX wipers were given some unexpected sophistication.

  • In normal driving, the wipers and washer nozzles are hidden from view for a clean exterior appearance.
  • Activating the wipers automatically turns on the headlights helping drivers comply with regulations in many states.
  • The Technology Package features rain sensors that will turn on the wipers automatically when rain is detected on the windshield.
  • The wiper arms are shaped and articulated to give greater than conventional wiper coverage.
Remote Engine Start
Available Feature
Remote Engine Start

On models with the Advance Package, the MDX engine can be started remotely so that the engine is warmed up and the cabin is either heated or cooled appropriately by the time you arrive.

  • You can remotely start the engine using the two-way keyless access remote from distances up to 328 feet (100 meters) from the vehicle.
  • The climate control is automatically set to 72 degrees, pre-setting the MDX interior close to your desired temperature setting. In cold temperatures, the defrost will already be working to clear the windshield and even the seat heaters may be activated.
  • Only when the MDX detects the remote inside the car can it be driven away.
  • LED lights on the remote inform the user of the MDX ignition status.
  • Wipers, audio and lighting are disengaged during remote start period, though the security system remains active.