Front Seats*
Rear Seats*
Cargo Area*
Cabin Storage*
Climate Control
Automatic Climate Control*
Voice Recognition*
Voice Recognition
Included in Technology Plus Package
On Demand Multi-Use Display*
On Demand Multi-Use Display
Included in Premium Package
Bluetooth HandsFreeLink*
SMS, MMS text message reading*
Siri® Eyes Free*
Siri® Eyes Free
Included in Premium Package
5-inch Color Display*
Front Seats
Standard Feature
Front Seats
Front SeatsInteractive Demo

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The sophistication of the ILX interior begins with the plush feel of the seats, which are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support and feature 8-way power adjustment for the driver’s position.

  • Dual-level heaters for cold days are standard on all models.
  • All seats are generously bolstered to keep you and your passengers secure during spirited driving.
  • Models with the Premium and Technology Plus Package feature leather trim with breathable perforated leather on both front and rear seating surfaces, while the A-SPEC Package features Lux Suede® seating surfaces.
  • 2-driver position memory for the driver’s seat and 4-way power adjustment for the front passenger seat are part of the Premium Package.
Rear Seats
Standard Feature
Rear Seats

The ILX comfortably seats three passengers in the back, while a generously sized door provides them with easy access.

  • Passengers enjoy plenty of leg and toe room with a flat floor (no hump) and ample space under the front seats.
  • The center armrest folds down to reveal two built-in cup holders.
  • When not in use, the buckles for the center passenger fold flush into the seat cushion.
  • The rear seatback folds down to increase cargo carrying capacity.
Cargo Area
Standard Feature
Cargo Area

The ILX trunk is a large and easily accessible area with plenty of usable space.

  • 12.3 cubic feet of wide obstruction free cargo space is available on all models.
  • Pulling the handle on the upper left edge of the trunk unlatches the rear seatback which folds down to provide additional space, particularly helpful for long items.
Cabin Storage
Standard Feature
Cabin Storage

The ILX has many easily accessible storage areas throughout the cabin to make life more convenient on the go.

  • The main covered storage area in the center console can carry up to 12 CD cases. The space also includes an accessory power outlet as well as an auxiliary audio jack for non-USB-compatible portable music sources.
  • The console has a second covered storage space in front of the shifter that’s perfect for hand-held electronic devices and includes a USB connection to the audio system. On models with the Premium Package, an HDMI jack for iPhone display emulation is included.
  • The large, 6.6-liter glove box is bin-shaped, making it easy to find things.
  • The center console cup holders include spring-loaded spacers to keep small cups in place.
  • Additional bottle holders can be found in the front door panels.
Automatic Climate Control
Standard Feature
Automatic Climate Control

To maximize passenger comfort all ILX models feature dual-zone, automatic climate control allowing the driver and front passenger to adjust their own temperature and airflow settings. When equipped with the Technology Plus Package, a solar sensor measures the sun’s intensity to determine its impact on interior temperature while the GPS receiver on the Acura Navigation System10 even tracks the sun’s position relative to the car.

  • As you approach the car, the ILX automatically detects which remote you have and pre-sets your preferred climate-control settings.
  • All climate zones can be synchronized to a single setting for times in which you are driving alone.
  • Almost all climate control functions can be voice-activated.
Standard Feature

The ILX dashboard sports the dual-cockpit design found on all Acura models. With its elegant shapes, refined materials and intuitive functionality, it was smartly designed to enhance your driving enjoyment.

  • The available On Demand Multi-Use Display™ (ODMD™) touchscreen contains primary controls for both audio and climate functions freeing up the navigation screen for at-a-glance viewing and information relating to (or independent from) the lower touchscreen.
  • Drivers can operate the most frequently used functions directly from the steering wheel, while traditional hard climate controls are located on the center panel.
  • Beautifully lit analog gauges display road speed, engine speed, and temperature and fuel level.
  • The Multi-Information Display (MID) located between the speedometer and tachometer can be controlled from the steering wheel and provides a wealth of information from tire pressure to average MPG. On navigation-equipped models, the full-color MID can also show turn-by-turn directions.
  • Models equipped with the HomeLink® system can be programmed using up to three distinct frequencies to consolidate garage or gate remotes.
Voice Recognition
Technology Plus Package
Voice Recognition

In addition to the sophisticated new touchscreen and versatile steering wheel-mounted controls, the voice recognition feature allows you to perform the most frequently used audio, climate, and navigation functions without ever lifting a finger. Simply speak and it will be done.

  • With a simple push of the “Talk” steering wheel-mounted control, the audio system will instantly mute as you issue one of over 200 voice commands to the audio, climate or navigation systems.
  • Some commands can replace multiple manual functions, for example: “CD, song 4,” will turn on the audio system, select the CD as audio input and play the fourth song.
  • You can enter a specific address, as the system will recognize over a million city and street names.
  • This is the latest edition of the voice recognition system Acura has been refining for over a decade.
On Demand Multi-Use Display
Premium Package
On Demand Multi-Use Display

Leading the way in audio and information Technology Plus has its advantages—and its challenges. So as the number of features and music sources have increased, Acura designers foresaw a very crowded center panel. The solution is an intuitive touchscreen called On Demand Multi-Use Display™ (ODMD™) that consolidates the controls drivers need at any given moment. What could have been more than 30 buttons has been simplified to nine.

  • Up to 10 different audio sources can be accessed directly so you no longer need to repeatedly hit a button to rotate to your desired audio source.
  • So every panel can be quickly understood and operated, each display is uniquely designed for the particular task.
  • A shortcut button gives quick access to your favorite audio presets, navigation locations or speed-dial favorites.
  • When valet parking, another shortcut lets you disable access to various locations and functions, including trunk, glove box, navigation, phone and audio controls.
  • The ODMD™ can instantly display a current status for audio and climate functions without disturbing the upper display screen. This feature is particularly useful when navigating to a new location.
Bluetooth HandsFreeLink
Standard Feature
Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

Check in with the office without taking your eyes off the road. The Bluetooth®11 HandsFreeLink® system works with most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones to let you initiate and receive calls using the ILX audio system.

  • With a compatible phone, a simple one-time pairing process connects your phone to the car. The downloadable AcuraLink app for Apple® and Android smartphones makes pairing, among other functions, even easier. As long as your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled, the ILX automatically reconnects your phone without it ever leaving your pocket or purse.
  • Whether you initiate or receive a call, the audio system automatically mutes so the call can be heard through the audio system speakers. Sophisticated directional microphones ensure your voice is clearly heard on the other end.
  • Up to six phones can be paired to the system so if, for instance, you are traveling with a spouse and your two teenagers, you can easily select which phone will be connected and change the selection at any time.
  • You can view and operate HandsFreeLink functions through the navigation screen and all of the numbers on your compatible phone can be downloaded at one time into the system’s10 hard drive. If an incoming call is on your speed-dial list, the number will automatically display.

For more details, please visit the Acura Bluetooth HandsFreeLink minisite.

SMS, MMS text message reading
Standard Feature
SMS, MMS text message reading

Handheld texting while driving is illegal in most states and highly dangerous in all states. The integrated SMS text message function44 enables you to respond to incoming text messages while following the law and minimizing the potential for driver for distraction. The Premium Package allows you to receive and listen to email as well. When driving with a paired, activated, SMS-compatible phone, the system notifies you of incoming text messages and asks if you want the message read aloud to you.

  • After the message is read, six pre-prepared responses appear on the center display (i.e. “On my way”, etc.). The system also offers a call-back option.
  • The system is currently compatible with certain Blackberry phones, Android 4.4 and other smartphones using the MAP protocol. Other models with the required messaging protocol are expected to enter the market in the future.
  • Models with the Premium Package may not have In-dash navigation, but users with recent model iPhones can download the AcuraLink Navigation App, and with the phone plugged into the HDMI jack, the phone’s navigation system will be visible on the upper dash screen and operable with vehicle controls.
  • Many state or local laws restrict the texting feature. Only use it when conditions allow you to do so safely.
Siri® Eyes Free
Premium or Technology Plus Package
Siri Eyes Free

Drivers with paired, Siri-equipped iPhones®8 can have Siri perform a variety of smartphone related functions without interacting directly with the phone.

  • If you have an iPhone® with Siri, you can ask the familiar, friendly interface to perform multiple functions including reading and sending texts, checking weather, sports scores and stock quotes, making calendar appointments and on Premium or Technology Plus Package models, and read emails.
  • When a Siri-equipped phone is paired and connected, simply holding down the talk button on the steering wheel for more than a second will mute the audio system and activate Siri.
5-inch Color Display
Standard on Models without the Premium Package
5-inch Color Display

Models without the navigation system are equipped with a 5-inch, full-color, center display screen that offers a variety of information.

  • Depending on the audio source, the display gives detailed audio information on the currently played song, which usually includes artist, song, and album info—and even displays the album art, if available.
  • The Bluetooth®11 HandsFreeLink® system uses the display to show contact listings or incoming caller information.
  • The easy-to-read display makes phone-related systems such as Pandora® compatibility or SMS text message function simple to use.
  • When reverse is engaged, the screen displays the rear camera50 image.