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Audio Systems
Standard Audio System*
Premium Audio System*
Premium Audio System
Included in Premium Package
ELS Studio Premium Audio System*
ELS Studio Premium Audio System
Included in Technology Plus Package
USB & iPod Integration*
Song By Voice*
Song By Voice
Included in Technology Plus Package
Navigation System
Navigation Functionality & Controls*
Navigation Functionality & Controls
Included in Technology Plus Package
AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic*
AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic
Included in Technology Plus Package
AcuraLink The Next Generation*
AcuraLink The Next Generation
Included in Technology Plus Package
Destination Database*
Destination Database
Included in Technology Plus Package
Standard Audio System
Standard Feature
Standard Audio System

The easy-to-operate standard ILX audio system offers clear, dynamic sound with six speakers around the cabin while the display at the top of the instrument panel provides detailed audio information.

  • A speed-sensitive volume control increases the audio gain automatically as road speed increases.
  • When driving into a new area, the automatic preset select button allows you to preset the most powerful stations. Push it again and your original presets return.

The system can accommodate a wide variety of audio sources, which include:

  • USB Audio Interface7 for iPod®8
  • MP3- and WMA6 -compatible CD player
  • AM/FM with RDS readout
  • Auxiliary input jack
  • The ability to interface with a Pandora®45 application loaded onto a paired compatible smartphone
Premium Audio System
Premium Package
Premium Audio System

As part of the Premium Package, the Premium Audio System is operated through the intuitive On-demand Multi-use Display (ODMD) touch-screen. The system has all of the standard audio system’s features but the six speakers are now joined by a sub-woofer mounted at the rear of the cabin. The ODMD also allows easy access to all audio sources including added sources such as:

  • SiriusXM Radio4 with Advance Audio functions
  • HD Radio®
  • System control of the Aha internet audio application if loaded onto a paired compatible smartphone.
  • An HDMI jack replaces the Auxiliary audio input jack on this audio system only to enable the AcuraLink Navigation App capability.
ELS Studio Premium Audio System
Technology Plus Package
ELS Studio Premium Audio System

Grammy® award-winning recording engineer and producer Elliot Scheiner helped design the ELS Studio®32 Premium Audio System to reproduce music the way it is heard in the recording studio. As a result, surround sound fills the car from any stereo digital source. In addition to all the source inputs of the standard ILX audio system, features of the ELS system include:

  • Touchscreen operation with primary functions operable from the steering wheel controls.
  • DTS®63 Neural Surround circuitry to extract surround sound from any digital stereo source.
  • MP3- and WMA6-compatible disc player.
  • The ability to interface with the Pandora®45 application loaded onto a paired, compatible iPhone.
  • 10 speakers, including one per door, two tweeters, one center mid-range, two rear surround, one 8-inch subwoofer.
  • USB7 Audio Interface for iPod®8 or flash drive allows full operation with the audio system controls.
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio4 and HD Radio®, both offering quality digital sound.
  • Bluetooth®11 streaming audio, plus Aha and Pandora®45 compatibility.
  • An auxiliary input jack plays content from personal music players incompatible with the USB jack.

Learn more about ELS Studio Premium Audio System

USB & iPod Integration
Standard Feature
Pandora® Internet Radio interface, USB Audio Interface and MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack
USB & iPod IntegrationInteractive Demo

Learn More About Audio Connections

In the ILX, you can take your digital music library along for the ride on your iPod, USB7 flash drive or compatible phone. You can even have your own personal DJ with Pandora®45 loaded on an iPhone8.

  • You can operate Pandora with the stereo controls when directly connected using the USB jack; Bluetooth®11 streaming audio does not allow application integration.
  • A USB connection interfaces with Apple® iPod8 players and other USB mass storage devices such as flash drives that contain MP3, WMA6 or AAC music files.
  • Track information appears on the center display. Selection can be controlled using the audio system including the steering wheel-mounted controls.
  • The USB will charge a compatible iPod® while it’s playing.
  • On the standard and ELS system, an auxiliary input jack can be connected to any iPod®, MP3 player or other audio device.
  • Both the USB and auxiliary/HDMI inputs are in covered storage areas where devices can be conveniently carried and discreetly stored.
Song By Voice
Technology Plus Package
Pandora® Internet Radio interface, USB Audio Interface and MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack

The Song By Voice® feature uses the voice recognition system to help the ILX driver find music from a USB7-connected iPod®8 simply by voicing a preference.

  • The system is initialized with the command: “iPod search,” after which you can find your preference by first stating your chosen category such as: song, artist, album, or genre.
  • Follow your category choice by stating your desired music selection. For example, if “Equilibrium” is the title song of an album, the command “Play song, ‘Equilibrium’” will play the song, while saying “Play album, ‘Equilibrium’” will play the whole album.
  • You can also have the system display lists of artists, albums, and other categories on the navigation screen.
Destination Database
Technology Plus Package
Destination Database

The Acura Navigation System10 has an extensive database of addresses and points of interest for a variety of handy information.

  • The system will not only show you the nearby ATMs, if you tell it to only show your bank’s ATM’s because you don’t want to pay a service charge, it will only show those machines.
  • You can also find the exact type of restaurant you’re in the mood for as well as locate schools, parks, hospitals, drugstores, museums, and more.
  • Since destinations change over time, downloadable updates can be purchased through this website.